Video of the Week: “East of Eden” (1981)

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! I wanted to post something appropriate to the holiday, but wasn’t sure what would fit the bill. Then I discovered that some kind soul had finally put this up on YouTube, and the day was saved. This is part one of the three-part East of Eden television miniseries that made its debut on February 8, 1981. Timothy appears in a priceless cameo role as a circuit-riding preacher at about the 1:15:28 mark.

It’s a nice little in-joke for those of us who know that he also appeared in the 1955 film with James Dean, as a fellow about as far away from being a preacher as it’s possible to get. All of us here at the blog hope you’re having an extra-special holiday season, no matter what your affiliation. At the very least, we wish you happy times with family and friends.

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