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EDITOR’S NOTE: An English translation from the author, Argentinian film critic Nuria Silva, is forthcoming.
No entiendo cómo no me llamó la atención antes. Mientras revisaba Casta de malditos (The Killing) y La patrulla infernal (Paths of Glory) para un curso sobre Stanley Kubrick me (re)encontré con Timothy Carey, esa enormidad de ojeras profundas, dientes apretados, de formidable oscuridad y exceso de algo que intentaré definir. No recordaba su nombre, y si me apuran confieso que nunca lo supe. El tipo resultó ser uno de esos malditos destinados (o condenados) al culto que una vez asimilados son imposibles de abandonar (aunque habrá quienes no lo soporten).
Ain't We Got Fun - 1959

2 responses to “Quote of the Week

  1. Here’s a rough translation: I don’t understand how it didn’t come to my attention sooner. While reviewing “Casta de malditos” (The Killing) and “La patrulla infernal” (Paths of Glory) for a course on Stanley Kubrick, I (re) met Timothy Carey; those enormous dark circles [under the eyes], clenched teeth, formidable darkness and an excess in something I will try to define. I did not remember his name, and if you urge me to confess I never knew it. The guy turned out to be one of those damned destined (or doomed) to a cult once assimilated is impossible to leave (although there will be those who do not support that).


    • Thanks David! That sounds about right; I ran it through some online translators and while the results were very poor, this is pretty much the gist of what I got. Nuria has promised to send me an English translation of the entire article. Thanks again, and merry Christmas!


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