Video of the Week: “Ain’t We Got Fun”

EDITOR’S NOTE 12/31/14: Another one lost to the YouTube banhammer. Sorry folks.

This week’s video is another one from the archives. It’s the episode of The Untouchables known as “Ain’t We Got Fun,” first broadcast on November 12, 1959. To me, one of the greatest mysteries of Timothy’s career is how he received no screen credit for this rather important role as Loxie, grinning pyromaniac torpedo to bootlegger Big Jim Harrington (fellow Brooklynite and frequent co-star Ted de Corsia).

Let me take this opportunity for a bit of shameless self-promotion! My burlesque persona, Loxie Arcane, is named after this character and Nikki Arcane, the sharpshooting racehorse assassin from The Killing (1956). What can I say – Tim inspires me in so many ways. Enjoy this great (and, near the end, rather surreal) episode; it’s in four parts so be sure to watch ’em all!

One response to “Video of the Week: “Ain’t We Got Fun”

  1. I really enjoyed Tim and Cameron Mitchell on this episode. I’m fortunate to have met both actors. I met Cameron at the Von’s market on Bob Hope Dr. in Rancho Mirage. He was looking at peanut butter jars when I spotted him. I told him I was a big fan and that I really enjoyed his work. He groaned something not ever taking his eye off the peanut butter. I mentioned his somewhat peculiar behavior to the young female cashier on the way out and she said he comes in their all the time drunk or near drunk. I feel bad if that was true as I know he didn’t live too long after that which was about 1987. He’s buried there in Cathedral City close to Frank Sinatra. Just an experience, no more no less. Hope I didn’t bore anyone.
    Thanks for providing the episode Marisa, Richard


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