Happy Birthday Don Calfa!

We here at the TCE are thrilled to wish a very happy 74th birthday anniversary to the great Don Calfa! Romeo Carey and I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing him last summer, at his memorabilia-packed home deep in the California desert. He shared some amazing memories of working with Timothy in Peeper (1975), and of his friendship with Tim in general. Here are the two of them in a scene filmed aboard the Queen Mary.


Calfa is very much like Tim in that he brings his unique presence and flair to every role, no matter how large or how small. He’s a big part of what makes it so much fun to go to the movies. Happy birthday, Don!

Don Calfa and me

3 responses to “Happy Birthday Don Calfa!

  1. Hi… I’m a friend of Don’s and I am writing a book on him for 2017 as a tribute biography. Would you mind sharing your stories/interviews with Don?


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