Quote of the Week


Those ingrates The Monkees bite the hand that feeds them in this ninety minute psychedelic romp that attacks the pop dominated music industry with the odd tune thrown in. Carey pops up from time to time as Lord High ‘N’ Low, to represent all things evil and malicious in the rock stars’ world. Why wouldn’t every director in Hollywood be clambering for Carey’s services after seeing him hand-crank himself into a room in a mechanical wheelchair with a noose around his neck and say “Atta boy Mike!” in a hundred different demented ways. I think that is genuine fear on the Monkees’ faces as Carey shuffles towards them while apparently having a rage-induced stroke. Good comedy cloak work also in a performance that never dips under ‘11’.

Dale Shaw, “Five Reasons to Love Timothy Carey”; Sabotage Times, 5 June 2012


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