Video of the Week: Lilly Christine, The Cat Girl

This week’s video only peripherally involves Timothy, but trust me, you’ll thank me later. When he was in New Orleans filming Bayou (1957), he was told he needed to learn to “dance real wild.” He went to the 500 Club every night for a week to watch the infamous Lilly Christine do her Cat Girl routine. And thus, his immortal “crazy Cajun dance” was born.

If I have burlesque on my mind, it’s because I’ll be driving up to Seattle today for my very first BurlyCon! It promises to be quite the adventure, and posting here may be a bit sporadic until next week. I just wish Miss Christine was still around to join us. Tragically, she passed away after a bout of peritonitis in 1965 at the age of 41.


One response to “Video of the Week: Lilly Christine, The Cat Girl

  1. While at BurlyCon, I had a chance to talk to this year’s “living legend,” Wild Cherry from New Orleans. I asked her if she knew Lilly. She said they never got a chance to meet, but that she watched Lilly perform often and she was one of her biggest influences. How cool is that??


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