Happy Halloween!

The Timothy Carey Experience wishes all you guys and ghouls out there a fantastic Halloween! Apparently this time of year was quite the production at the Carey household. There were spooky decorations everywhere, scary sounds on the stereo, and Timothy handing out candy and delightfully scaring the neighborhood kids. Probably not dressed like this, however.

Tim as Frankenstein's monster

This great picture is all we have right now of one of the most highly sought-after pieces of Careyabilia there is – the commercial he did for Sambo’s Restaurant sometime in the early 1980s, advertising their new late-night hours. I would give my eye teeth to see it. Have a wonderful Halloween, everybody!

4 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Forget ever finding that commercial, there isn’t even a Sambos anymore. We’re sooooo PC now. Maybe we should not focus so much on skin color as perhaps not being so thin-skinned. Tim and people like him remind us of simple pleasures.


    • The original Sambo’s is still there! http://www.sambosrestaurant.com/ And they say that the name originated from combining the owners’ names, not from the LIttle Black Sambo story. And there are zillions of long-forgotten commercials on YouTube and sitting in archives somewhere, so I have a feeling it will turn up someday. As for “political correctness,” I have no idea what that is. When I was a kid it was called “common human decency.” 🙂


      • Sure you know what PC is. The tendency of others to know what is best for you and what is bad. When I was a kid that was called censorship. Did you ask Romeo about the commercial? If anybody can track it down it’s him. You might even call Sambo’s Corporate office, tho I’m sure they’d be loathe to allow something so UN PC to escape from their vaults and once again the spirit of Timothy Carey is kept safely in a lead container locked in a Kryptonite vault underground at a nuclear waste site somewhere far from people and reality. He was my friend and colleage. His obscurity is a crime against the individuality that once made this Country unique.


      • OK Michael, let’s agree to disagree on this one. Romeo has no idea what happened to it (that’s him standing next to Tim in the pic, though). I did write a note on Sambo’s Facebook page to see if anybody remembers. And there *are* several old Sambo’s commercials on YouTube, which obviously must have escaped from the lead containers locked in a Kryptonite vault underground at a nuclear waste site somewhere far from people and reality. Guess I better tell them about them so they can be yanked in the name of political correctness, eh? Seriously – settle down now. Timothy has legions of rabid fans all over the world, thanks in no small part to YOU and your memories of him, so that is something you can feel good about. Seriously. 🙂


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