Pic of the Day: “Satan, Cyanide and Murder” revisited

After yesterday’s post celebrating Timothy in his prime, we close the week with a look at him in his emeritus years. In his only recurring role in a television series, Tim portrayed ex-con Kenny the Knife in two episodes of The New Mike Hammer. Much to the consternation of Hammer himself (Stacy Keach), he first popped up in Hammer’s back seat in “Satan, Cyanide and Murder,” first airing on April 14, 1984.

Satan, Cyanide and Murder - 1984

Keach has been an award-winning presence on stage, in films and on television for nearly fifty years. He also writes music, and his unmistakable voice has been heard in much narration and voice-over work. His stage performances prompted the New York Times to proclaim him “the finest American classical actor since John Barrymore“. He has just published his memoirs, sure to be a fascinating read.

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