Pic of the Day: “Waterhole #3” autographed still

My latest eBay score! It’s an autographed photo from Waterhole #3 (1967). I can’t tell who it’s made out to, but I’m pretty sure it says “Good evening”. That is how he signed the Killing of a Chinese Bookie poster I have.

Waterhole #3 autographed photo

He says “Good evening” very memorably in Speedtrap (1977), so I’m guessing this was signed around then or later. It’s always a treat to find a still I don’t have; even better when it’s autographed by the man himself. Have an excellent weekend, everybody!

4 responses to “Pic of the Day: “Waterhole #3” autographed still

  1. Ive allways liked this guy ever since I saw him in convicts 4 when I was a kid. I never knew his name or anything till I came across your site. Now I think he is even cooler Definatley some one I wish I could of met. In the words of South Dakota Slim thanks Booobie


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