Pics of the Day: “Crime Wave”

Every now and then I peruse Tumblr for pics tagged with Timothy’s name, especially animated .gifs. That’s where I found these (!), and today I found a few more. If I knew how to make these things I would, but for now I’ll leave it to the professionals. These were posted by an individual known only as phb256, and they’re from Andre’ De Toth‘s Crime Wave (1954).

Crime Wave

Crime Wave

Crime Wave

Non-animated are Charles Bronson, Ted de Corsia, Gene Nelson and Jim Hayward. Many thanks to whoever was clever enough to make these. I salute you! You may also want to check out my own Tumblr, run by my burlesque persona Loxie Arcane (guess where that name came from?).

4 responses to “Pics of the Day: “Crime Wave”

  1. This is awesome. I was looking around the great @scottlo’s site,, and found a link to this site. Crime Wave was the film that brought Tim Carey to my attention. I had seen him before in Kubrick films, but in Crime Wave he basically steals every scene he’s in, even if he’s just sitting in the background smoking a cigarette.
    I’m glad you liked the gifs. When I first learned how to make those, I immediately thought of that smoking scene. Nice to see it’s getting around.


    • Hey! Please forgive the late reply! And thanks for being cool about letting me use the gifs. They are stellar! Thanks so much for creating them! You’re right, no matter what else is happening on screen, your eyes go right to Tim. Thanks again so much!


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