Video of the Week: “Paths of Glory”

This week’s video comes to us once again from the fine folks at It features our first glimpse of Pvt. Maurice Ferol in Paths of Glory (1957), as General Mireau (George Macready) chooses him at random for his standard condescending pre-battle pep talk.

Macready was one of the greatest cinematic villains of all time, with his cultured voice, patrician delivery and genteel but sinister air of superiority. He and fellow art connoisseur Vincent Price opened a very successful art gallery, the Little Gallery, in Beverly Hills in 1943. They were unfortunately forced to close it as their film careers demanded more and more of their time. By the way, that scar on Macready’s cheek was real, the result of a college auto accident.

One response to “Video of the Week: “Paths of Glory”

  1. Can’t believe Macready and Douglas weren’t nominated for Oscars.Meeker also was a standout performer.Douglas specifically wanted Macready in the film after acting together in Detective Story.He was also requested to stay on set to act as a calming influence to Menjou,per Kirk Douglas,who could get pretty po’d (MEnjou,that is).


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