Video of the Week: “The Killing”

EDITOR’S NOTE 09/18/13: Another video gone with the wind. Sorry about that, folks.

This week’s video introduces Timothy’s character, sharpshooter Nikki Arcane, from Stanley Kubrick‘s The Killing (1956). His co-stars here are his gun, some bad-ass targets, Sterling Hayden, and an adorable puppy.

Please note that although Tim had a reputation as a scene-stealer, he is not the scene-stealer here. I wonder if that was his own puppy?

3 responses to “Video of the Week: “The Killing”

  1. Marisa, was that scene filmed at Tim’s property in El Monte? I read somewhere that his home appeared in the movie at some point. Tim also seems to be shorter then Sterling, I have trouble believing this. Sterling was tall alright but did they make Tim smaller to give more authority to Sterling’s character? Did you ever get my recommendation about Casa Bianca, the little pizza joint in Eagle Rock, near Pasadena? I really liked this movie, Thanks Marisa for all you do. Richard


    • Richard, I also read somewhere that that was filmed at Tim’s house! I’m pretty sure he first lived in that part of El Monte you were telling me about, where people were able to keep horses and such, before he moved to south El Monte where he and Doris settled with the kids. I need to confirm that with Romeo. Yep, I think he and Hayden were approximately the same height; maybe Kubrick had Tim stand in a hole or something? I know they did that in Paths of Glory, so he wouldn’t overshadow Kirk Douglas. Tim was also slouching a lot too. I did indeed get your recommendation of Casa Bianca; unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to get out there. Grrr! Next time for sure – also will meet up with YOU next time!! 🙂


      • Thanks Marisa again. That’s really nice of you to answer my questions. I really get a kick out of your inside knowledge. Richard


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