Pic of the Day: “The Last Wagon” revisited

Today our pic revisits Delmer DavesThe Last Wagon (1956). Timothy received no screen credit for his admittedly minor role as bad guy Cole Harper. Here Cole and his father, Sheriff Bull Harper (George Mathews), shoot it out with renegade Comanche Todd (Richard Widmark).

The Last Wagon

As I’ve mentioned previously, my MSTie friends will no doubt recognize Mathews from his role as the put-upon guardian angel of the short X Marks the Spot (1944). He turned in many fine performances, mostly on television in the 1950s and 60s. Off-screen he was an avid chess player.

2 responses to “Pic of the Day: “The Last Wagon” revisited

    • It’s a pretty good movie! Tim had a bad experience with Widmark during filming, though. He said he reacted after Widmark mock-stabbed him in his death scene, and it pissed Widmark off so much he kicked Tim for like 5 minutes (I bet it wasn’t quite that long). Widmark apologized later but Tim did not accept his apology. Yikes!


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