Pic of the Day: “Cinema Justice”

I apologize for missing yesterday! A very busy weekend left me completely exhausted. But today we’re back with a pic from Cinema Justice, the six minute outtake from Steve De Jarnatt‘s as-yet-unreleased short homage to private dick flicks of the 1940s, Tarzana (1978). It’s developed somewhat of a cult following on its own, owing to its being frequently paired with The World’s Greatest Sinner (1962) at screenings around the world.

Cinema Justice

Before rehearsing the scene, neophyte director De Jarnatt made the unfortunate mistake of telling Timothy he could do “whatever he wanted” with the scene. Feeling unmoored, Tim went completely off-script and off the rails. Co-star Michael C. Gwynne made a valiant attempt to save the scene, which finally ended when the cameraman announced that they had run out of film. Gwynne later likened the experience to “visiting Niagara Falls”. Tarzana is now the property of Absolute Films, which is planning a release very soon. Watch this space!

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