Pic of the Day: “Bloodhounds of Broadway” revisited

We start the week with another look at Bloodhounds of Broadway (1952), directed by Harmon Jones. Timothy is uncredited but memorable as hillbilly Crockett Pace, who doesn’t cotton to strangers on his property.

Bloodhounds of Broadway

Bloodhounds is a musical based on the story of the same name by Damon Runyon. The characters are blessed with all those fabulous Runyonesque names, like Numbers Foster, 52nd Tessie, Poorly Sammis, Dave the Dude, Ropes McGonigle, Lookout Louie, Curtaintime Charlie, etc. Interesting that Tim had originally hoped to become a singer, but was told he was tone deaf; he went into acting instead. It would have been great to see him sing in a musical, tone deaf or not.

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