Pic of the Day: “The Great Train Robbery” revisited

The pic for today is another look at Stark, the crazed but rather dapper-looking train robber of “The Great Train Robbery,” the episode of Sheriff of Cochise that was first broadcast on October 5, 1956. I am not sure who the actors portraying his two cohorts in crime are.

The Great Train Robbery - 1956

This episode was directed by Lee “Roll ‘Em” Sholem, who earned his nickname by efficiently racing his way through approximately 1300 television episodes and feature films during his 40-year career without going over schedule once. While directing an episode of The Adventures of Superman in 1952, he hastily revived Phyllis Coates after she had been accidentally knocked unconscious by a fellow actor. He then quickly had her finish the scene, before her face began to swell up.

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