Pics of the Day: “Ain’t We Got Fun”, “Tarzana” and “Fast-Walking” revisited

Since I usually don’t do a post on Saturdays, I am treating you to three pics today for the price of one! Just because I had them, and they were too good not to share. Our death scene theme shuffles off its mortal coil with Timothy dying spectacularly in, respectively, The Untouchables episode “Ain’t We Got Fun” (11.12.1959), the short Tarzana (1978), and the film Fast-Walking (1982).

Ain't We Got Fun - 1959

Loxie the pyromaniac torpedo meets his maker in a hail of gunfire.


Benny the customs agent expires from a poison-tipped dart.


Bullet the junkie con bites the bullet after being tossed off the prison catwalk.

Now that we’ve got all that death out of our system, join us again next week for much happier prospects!

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