Pic of the Day: “The Adventure of Caesar’s Last Sleep” revisited

We continue our death scene theme with “The Adventure of Caesar’s Last Sleep,” the episode of the short-lived Ellery Queen detective series that first aired on March 14, 1976. Timothy’s hired hit man Jay Bonner bites the dust, but not before declaring his innocence in the death of mobster Ralph Caesar (Jan Murray).

The Adventure of Caesar's Last Sleep - 1976

This episode was directed by fellow Brooklynite Richard Michaels, who was partially responsible for the break-up of the marriage of William Asher (who brought Tim’s South Dakota Slim to the screen in two beach party movies in the Sixties) and Elizabeth Montgomery. He directed Montgomery in several episodes of the eighth season of Bewitched, and they ended up having an affair. They moved in together after their respective divorces, but the relationship only lasted two and a half years.

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