Pic of the Day: “Across the Wide Missouri”

Our pics this week are going to have something of a theme – Timothy’s death scenes. He gave his all in his death scenes. He once quoted Marlon Brando as telling him, “Tim, you’re the only actor that I ever worked with that even in death, you move.” His first official screen appearance was that of a corpse, in William A. Wellman‘s Across the Wide Missouri (1951). He is uncredited as the late French fur trapper Baptiste DuNord, killed by Indians.

Across the Wide Missouri

“I worked on the show, I played a dead man in it, it was a great part!” Timothy said in the Psychotronic interview. “You could only see my back, I was laying in the water. I’ll never forget the director (William Wellman), he was a great director, a tough director. I had two arrows in my back laying in the water. I couldn’t hold still, it was so cold and my teeth were chattering. The director said, ‘Keep that jerk still, he’s supposed to be dead!’ I had just come from dramatic school in New York. I thought I was a great actor. I’m the only one who did.”

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