Pic of the Day: “Minnie and Moskowitz” revisited

The work week ends with another look at Morgan Morgan, the lonely vagabond of John CassavetesMinnie and Moskowitz (1971). Moskowitz (Seymour Cassel) encounters him at a late-night diner near the start of the film. He is quite a character, to say the least.

Minnie and Moskowitz

As engaging as the rest of the film is, you spend it half-hoping that Morgan will turn up again. That’s the mark of an actor with true presence.

4 responses to “Pic of the Day: “Minnie and Moskowitz” revisited

  1. Hey, Marisa, I remember MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ from when I was a kid and my older siblings would take me to art-house flicks and Martin Scorsese films! Thanks for this blast from the past!

    By the way, there’s a fascinating audio thriller I found at THE LAST DRIVE-IN from Joel Metzger, and Timothy Carey was one of the neo-film noir actors Joel was using as archtypes. You might enjoy it! Here’s the link:



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