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When you line up Carey’s noir work, it’s clear that the idiosyncratic touches he gives his minor characters truly set them apart. In the undervalued Allied Artists cheapie Finger Man (1955), Carey gets quite a bit more screen time… and steals the film from stars Frank Lovejoy and Forrest Tucker as crime boss Tucker’s right-hand goon Lou Terpe. (You have to wonder, did Carey think up his own character names, too?)

In this one, Tim’s still toking the smokes to great effect, but he also incorporates obsessive knuckle-cracking and seems a lot more sinister. He delights in groping women, rearranging their faces in back rooms, even killing them and stuffing them in trunks, as he eventually does to Lovejoy’s squeeze. But just when you’re convinced he’s the ultimate thug, Lovejoy surprises him in an alley and only has to whack him a few times to reduce him to a simpering boob. It’s classic Tim Carey, offering up an unanticipated left turn that stamps his performance as unforgettable.

Carl Steward, “Timothy Carey: Noir’s Wildest Card,” Noir City Annual #2: The Best of the 2009 Noir City Sentinel (Film Noir Foundation, 2010)

Finger Man

4 responses to “Quote of the Week

  1. I like the picture you have in the upper right hand corner of the wild haired Carey raising his hands in triumph. I never knew Carey did so much work before I stumbled upon your excellent site, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing some of these.


    • Thanks, Kid! That is a publicity still from FAST-WALKING. The pics in the headers change every time you refresh the pages, so check ’em out! Thanks so very much for your kind words! I eat that stuff up. 🙂 Your blog is pretty cool as well! You will love discovering Carey’s work; he was full of surprises! Thanks again!


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