Video of the Week: “I’ll Cry Tomorrow”

Our video of the week showcases Timothy’s don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-him bit part in Daniel Mann‘s I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1955), the harrowing story of actress/singer Lillian Roth‘s descent into alcoholism. He’s a drunken bum stumbling around a dingy flophouse, on the verge of molesting an equally drunken Roth (Susan Hayward in her fourth Oscar-nominated performance). Tim appears at about 12:00.

Tim had previously appeared in White Witch Doctor (1952) along with Hayward, although they had no scenes together (they really don’t here either; they never appear in the same shot). Hayward finally won that richly deserved Oscar for I Want to Live! (1958), also based on a true story (many of her best roles were as real-life women). She’s a true Hollywood legend – smart, brave and gutsy. And, like Tim, from Brooklyn!

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