Pic of the Day: “The Treasure of Sierra Madre Street” revisited

It’s way past time for another look at Obituary Bob, Timothy’s looney tunes axe murderer from “The Treasure of Sierra Madre Street,” the Tenspeed and Brown Shoe episode that first aired on June 20, 1980. OB is about to stage a diversion that involves the teddy bear.

The Treasure of Sierra Madre Street

Tenspeed and Brown Shoe was one of about eight million television projects that the legendary Stephen J. Cannell had a hand in. Creating, writing, producing, directing, even acting – you name it, he did it. There aren’t too many go-getters like him left.

2 responses to “Pic of the Day: “The Treasure of Sierra Madre Street” revisited

  1. Marisa, you’ve perked up my day – not that there was anything wrong with it before, but now it’s even better because I’m a big fan of TENSPEED AND BROWN SHOE, and “The Treasure of Sierra Madre Street” was one of my favorites! It also didn’t hurt that we of Team Bartilucci happen to like Jeff Goldblum! 🙂 Hubby bought me the complete set a while back, and it’s still a blast to watch. Thanks for the memories, Marisa, and Happy Halloween — or as we call it, “Halloween Observed,” since our township makes the kids trick-or-treat during the last two hours of the last Friday evening before October 31st. Sounds wacky, but it works! 🙂


    • I love it, Dorian! That was my first introduction to Goldblum, and I developed a HUUUGE crush on him! It was such a great show. I’m glad I made your day just a little bit better! Happy Halloween Observed to you! 😀


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