Pic of the Day: “The Devil’s Gas” revisited

Today we take another gander at Professor Petro, the very strange lecturer on “Dali and the Power of the Fart,” of Romeo Carey‘s The Devil’s Gas (1990). It was Timothy’s final film performance. Note the poster of Tim as Pvt. Ferol from Paths of Glory (1957) on the wall.

During my visit to the Absolute Films studio last summer, Romeo showed me the boots that Tim wore in this scene. Well, he was wearing one of them anyway. When I asked him if Tim did that on purpose as part of his characterization, he said no. Tim had had his first stroke by this time, and his left leg was a bit swollen as a result. It was difficult for him to get the boot on, so he just wore one boot and a tennis shoe. As it turns out, it’s a perfect representation of the Professor’s eccentricity.

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