Video of the Week: “One-Eyed Jacks” trailer

Our video of the week is an unusual trailer for One-Eyed Jacks (1961) that utilizes stills mixed with actual shots from the film. It’s fairly long for a trailer too, clocking in at nearly 5 minutes. Timothy’s big fight with Marlon Brando is, of course, a major highlight.

Many thanks to Toby at 50 Westerns From The 50s for bringing this one to my attention! We are not sure if, in the film itself, Tim’s character actually shoots through the window glass as he’s brought down by Brando, or if this is perhaps an alternate take of the scene. Looks like a re-watching is in order.

2 responses to “Video of the Week: “One-Eyed Jacks” trailer

  1. The film cuts away from Tim to a tighter shot of Brando as the window is blown out. The trailer lets us watch Tim for a couple seconds longer as he falls to the floor. I always hate to see Tim lose some screen time, but the window getting shot out is a cool touch.


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