Pic of the Day: “Peeper” revisited

Today our pic revisits Peeper (1976), the homage to hard-boiled detective flicks of the 1940’s directed by Peter Hyams. Sid the hit man has just emerged from the trunk of private dick Leslie Tucker’s (Michael Caine) car, and he is not too happy about it.

If Tim had not gotten himself fired from this film (yes, again), it would be a much better picture. As it is, it’s not a bad little film really. It’s readily available on DVD and Amazon Instant Video, so give yourself a treat.


2 responses to “Pic of the Day: “Peeper” revisited

  1. Our Man Tim always seems to get himself fired, poor guy! I remember seeing PEEPER (with Natalie Wood, if I recall correctly) on TV and enjoying it. If it’s on DVD, I wonder if there’s any outtakes of him? Anyway, Marisa, I enjoyed your blogpost, as always!


    • He did, didn’t he? Don Calfa told me that they got a double for Tim for some of the long shots. He also mentioned that after every take of the scenes where he had to manhandle Natalie Wood, he would wash his hands. It just wasn’t courteous to push a lady around with dirty hands! The film is on DVD, but no outtakes in the extras. Phooey. 😦 Thanks again Dorian! ❤


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