Pic of the Day: “Tarzana” revisited

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but then this pic came up on my screen saver and I simply couldn’t resist. Customs agent Benny Coughlin salutes his old Army CO turned private detective Milt Lassitor (Michael C. Gwynne) in Steve De Jarnatt‘s unreleased short homage to film noir, Tarzana (1978).

This fabulous little flick should be available for purchase very soon. Watch this space!

3 responses to “Pic of the Day: “Tarzana” revisited

      • I just got rumble on the docks today…awesome.
        I have a copy of poor white trash on vhs which i copied to dvd.
        That movie is incredible.
        Do you have crime wave or revolt in the big house?
        I recently bought convicts four on dvd and the blu-ray of the killing.
        I’m waiting for an official release of poor white trash, but my copies are pretty good.


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