Video of the Week: “Superstar”

EDITOR’S NOTE 10/11/12: The video has been made “private.” How do you like that??

A year ago I posted a video of the Supertrain episode “Superstar,” first broadcast on March 14, 1979. It got taken down due to copyright issues. Well, guess what? It’s back. It’s in several parts (part 1 seems to have disappeared, but it was the pre-credits sequence so we’re not missing too much), so enjoy it while you can. The famous teddy bear scene is in part 4.

It’s – well let’s be honest, it’s not very good at all. There’s enough ham and cheese here to stock a deli for a year. But Timothy is clearly having such a good time, it’s totally worth it. All aboard the Supertrain! And have a good day!

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