Quote of the Week

Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena has certainly been Carey’s most ambitious undertaking as a director. Tweet-Twig, the main character played by Carey, is inherited and adopted by the Pasadena Women’s Knitting Club. Said Carey, “(It is) my most satisfying role to date.”

Carey has worked on the film (originally intended for a television viewing in 1974) every day for the last 10 years and feels himself more and more in harmony with the characters, who he calls “rejects out of the Wizard of Oz.”

The Women’s Club takes to the streets on roller skates, most of them being propelled by dogs and other pets. (Carey claims to have learned much from his numerous pets, including a gangster smile from a pet eagle.)

“I wanted to take comedy – you see I was so bored with what they have on TV – I wanted to take comedy into the streets – as action comedy,” he explained. “It’s because it’s new. That’s why it’s difficult to follow,” he said, explaining the rapidly paced and often soundless movie of the good-natured Tweet-Twig and his lady wrestler wife, and their skating knitters.

– Richard VanderVeen, “Make way for ‘world’s greatest ham'”,  Ann Arbor News, April 14, 1979

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