Video of the Week: Honeyboy Slim & The Bad Habits

Now this be more like it! Our video for this week is Timothy’s wild Cajun dance from Bayou (1957), set to “Tule Ton Son Ton,” a classic Clifton Chenier tune performed here by the awesome Swedish R&B band Honeyboy Slim & The Bad Habits.

This is exactly the kind of music that Tim’s dance demands. Smokin’ hot in every respect! Laissez les bon temps rouler!


6 responses to “Video of the Week: Honeyboy Slim & The Bad Habits

  1. This is fabulous. You are going to have to go some to top this in the future but there are always some clips that are worth repeating. I really like the mad eyes at the end. Can’t think who but the clip reminds me of someone.


    • I know right?? I was getting worried because I’ve just about depleted the supply of online Tim videos, and then I ran across this relatively new one. Just so incredible. Yeah, he gets the “mad eyes” when he sees Marie talking to Peter Graves. There was a bit of a continuity problem there, as his t-shirt is a darker color while he’s dancing, and when he approaches Marie and Peter it’s white. Oh well, not to nit-pick or anything. And now we have a new band to check out as well!


  2. Great choice of music here, much superior to what was used in the actual film. Carey is mesmerizing to watch; he seems to be undergoing an out-of-body orgasm. Love how you can even see the armpit sweat stains on his shirt!


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