Pic of the Day: “House of Numbers” revisited

Today we take another look at House of Numbers (1957), the prison drama directed by Russell Rouse. Frenchy (another uncredited role) is sizing up his new cellmate, Arnie Judlow (Jack Palance), not knowing that it’s actually Arnie’s brother Bill. It’s all part of a daring escape plan.

For someone who didn’t smoke in real life, Timothy did an awful lot of smoking in the movies, especially early in his career. Well, it was the 50’s – you were pretty much required to smoke back then.

5 responses to “Pic of the Day: “House of Numbers” revisited

  1. It’s amazing Tim got a part in this movie. The way it is promoted it appears Jack Palance plays all the male roles. Turns out just two of them, but it does not appear that way in the promotional materials. At least Jack didn’t try to play some female roles. There is only so much movie magic can do!


  2. Robert E. Relyea’s memoirs, Not So Quiet on the Set (2008), has some interesting things on the making of this movie (he was the second assistant director). It seems that Jack Palance was as tough and intimidating in real life as on screen. Nothing on Timothy Carey, alas, in the book.


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