Pic of the Day: “Fifth Man in a String Quartet” revisited

Our pic for today (and you remember to click to embiggen, I’m sure) is another of Timothy’s solicitous hotel manager in “Fifth Man in a String Quartet,” the McCloud episode that first aired on February 2, 1972. Here he’s getting a little testy, thinking McCloud (Dennis Weaver) is accusing him of maintenance neglect.

McCloud - 1972

This was the third time Tim appeared with Weaver; they had previously worked together on the Gunsmoke episode “The Gentleman” (1958) and in Curtis Harrington‘s What’s the Matter with Helen? (1971). Neville Brand is the villain in this episode, and it’s a darn shame he and Tim never got any scenes together or worked together elsewhere. They would have made quite a pair, methinks.


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