Pic of the Day: “The Long Shot” revisited

Today we revisit “The Long Shot,” the episode of Racket Squad that provided Tim with one of his first speaking parts in Hollywood. It also marked his first outing in a role that would become one of his staples – the boss’ torpedo. “The Long Shot” was first broadcast on July 3, 1952. Frankie, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, thinks he has done his boss (Edward Keane) a favor. Nothing doing.

The Long Shot - 1952

Keane was an extremely prolific character actor. He appeared in scores of films, mostly in uncredited bit parts, from 1921 right up until his death in 1959.

14 responses to “Pic of the Day: “The Long Shot” revisited

  1. Hello
    Great site. Carl from the Film Noir Blackboard posted about your site. Got to love our man Tim! I have a Tim Carey review on IMDB. It is from 1958.” The Town Budget” from ALCOA THEATER. Carey plays an over the top gunmen with car trouble.

    Again, Nice site.


    • Thank you so much, Gord! I have a few shots from “The Town Budget” here if you do a search. I have an “unofficial” DVD copy; terrible picture quality but definitely watchable. Tim is wonderfully psychotic! Thank you again!!


      • Thanks for the repsonse. His Holiness, Tim Carey, is a hoot in anything he does. Congrats on being up for a Year! If i can find it i have advd that a bubby stuck together from various interviews on film and tv bits. Would you like if i can find it?


      • Oh my gosh that would be awesome! Thank you!! BTW, hopefully you’ll be seeing me on The Blackboard as soon as somebody approves my registration….


    • Yes! I went through all the steps and confirmed my email, and now I guess I’m waiting to get approved. It’s been a few days now and nothing yet. If you have any influence I’d be eternally grateful……


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