Video of the Week: “Making Sinner”

This week’s video is a preview trailer of sorts for Making Sinner, the forthcoming documentary by Tim’s son Romeo Carey on the exercise in barely controlled chaos that was the filming of The World’s Greatest Sinner (1962).

I have to say, I’m not a big fan of the rap music accompaniment. I think some gut-bucket rockabilly would have been more appropriate. Your mileage may vary. At any rate, it’s all worth it for the shots of God Hilliard entwined in the coils of The Snake, attacking his guitar like a man possessed. Wow…

4 responses to “Video of the Week: “Making Sinner”

  1. Bad choice in terms of the trailers music (I just turned it down), but great imagery. I’m shaving my goatee and leaving the soul-patch in preparation of the upcoming DVD.


  2. OMG The Music sucks! The A-bones Sure! ( I recorded Tim doing the intro to that single) The Cramps, “Sinners” or “Love Me!” would be awesome! Or any old 50’s R7B or 60’s Instrumentals! The Rap turns it into a joke! Jeez, The Monkeys would even be at least relevant!
    ~Malibu Mike Murphy


    • You did, Mike?! That’s awesome! Yes, just a bad choice of music I must say. The film’s message is timeless and yet it’s a definite product of its time, and I think the musical accompaniment should reflect that.


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