Video of the Week: Frank Zappa on the Steve Allen Show, 1963

This week we present something slightly different. This is a young Frank Zappa appearing on The Steve Allen Show in 1963. He talks about his involvement with Tim and the scoring of The World’s Greatest Sinner (1962). He is not exactly complimentary. Then he plays a bicycle. Take a look:

“Around the same time he [Zappa] was on the Steve Allen Show,” Timothy said in the Psychotronic interview in 1990. “That’s where our friendship stopped. Steve asked him what films he did. He said, ‘I did The World’s Greatest Sinner, the world’s worst film and all the actors were from skid row.’ It wasn’t true. The press said I was the world’s greatest ham, and that The World’s Greatest Sinner was a travesty of the arts. Zappa didn’t like that and he started to get on their bandwagon. The opening night at the director’s guild, he was in complete awe. He walked into the window and banged himself in the head. He didn’t even know there was a window there.”

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