Quote of the Week

This week we feature another newspaper article that needs to be posted in full. It’s from the Delaware County (PA) Daily Times of August 28, 1968.


Timothy Carey is one of the country’s top character actors, but he has a face that makes you want to scream for the cops.

Even policemen get nervous when they catch sight of this gentle man who looks as though he’s bound to have horns under his hair.

“I can’t even take a stroll through a park,” says Carey. “As soon as women see my face they start gathering up their children and running for home.”

Carey, who will portray a foreign agent in “The Fear of High Places,” the premiere episode of the NBC Television Network’s new “Name of the Game” series Sept. 20, says he never walks into a liquor store late at night for fear of giving store owners heart attacks.

“Every time a policeman gets a look at me I can see the wheels starting to turn in his head. He’s positive that I’m on his ‘wanted’ list for at least three major crimes.”

In real life Carey is a devoted husband and the father of five children. They all live in a happy, noisy home which contains, among other things, ducks, chickens, cats, dogs and a goose.

His kids love to see their father as the “bad guy” in movies and television. “They hiss and boo right along with everyone else,” laughs Tim.

The Brooklyn-born former Marine plays such a bad “bad guy” that he always winds up dead. “Characters as evil as the ones I play just can’t be allowed to remain in society,” says Carey. “The only time I ever managed to ‘stay alive’ all the way through a picture was when I wrote and produced one myself.”

Last week, while driving home from the studio, Carey was hailed to the curb by a suspicious policeman.

“He had his ticket book in one hand as he walked up to the window,” says Carey, “but he had the other hand on his gun.”

As he has so often in the past Carey assured the officer that he was just a hard working actor, not a wanted criminal.

“Now I recognize you. You’re the guy that always loses,” said the officer as he folded his ticket book and smiled.

“This time you’re going to win.”

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