Pic of the Day: “Tarzana”

Today’s pic is one I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen. It’s from the short film Tarzana (1978), directed by Steve De Jarnatt. It’s a wonderful tribute to the hard-boiled detective pictures of the 1940s and 50s. Timothy is customs agent Benny, who asks world-weary gumshoe Michael C. Gwynne to help him crack a mysterious case.

Tarzana has been little seen since its debut, and is now the property of Absolute Films, which I believe is planning an official release soon. An outtake from the film, known as Cinema Justice, has made the rounds of film festivals over the years and has become a rather notorious example of Tim going completely off the rails. Gwynne speaks of his involvement in the film and his friendship with Timothy in The Projection Booth podcast episode dedicated to Tim and The World’s Greatest Sinner (you can hear me on it as well). I do hope Tarzana is made available to the public very soon; it’s a real gem that deserves to be seen by a wider audience.

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