Quote of the Week

This week we hear once again from Timothy’s younger brother George Carey. This is from an interview by Harvey Chartrand which was originally done for Filmfax magazine, but was never published.

“One day, Timmy was out in the backyard, brushing his horse, and I got a call from Stanley Kubrick, who was on the set of Spartacus. Timmy says, ‘You talk to him, George. Tell him I’ll be right there.’ So I made small talk with Kubrick, figuring that Timmy was on his way from the backyard to take the phone call. I don’t know what the call was about, because Timmy wasn’t in Spartacus. Well, Timmy never got to the phone. He stayed out there, brushing his horse. I don’t know what that was all about. Timmy was a little erratic at times. I think if Timmy hadn’t been quite so extreme in some of his efforts to get publicity for himself, he would have been in other Kubrick pictures after Paths of Glory.”

Filmfax article (not published) by Harvey Chartrand, 2003

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