Quote of the Week

GL: Are you generally known around the industry as a farter?

TC: Yeah, well, there are two responses, pro and con. Some take it as a joke, and others call me gross. I met a producer – Roderick Taylor, who did some sci-fi movies at Universal and was a former rock ‘n’ roll celebrity or something – and I did a strong report in front of him and his co-producer. And I have a really loud intestine, see. You know what they did? Ran out of the studio! It was incredible. Sometimes even John [Cassavetes] would be sort of embarrassed, like this one time when I let out two big, double-barreled blasts in his office at the Burbank studio. “Shhh, Tim!” And his face turned all red, because of the secretaries there, and it was – I dunno – just byootiful to look at him.

– “Cracked Actor,” Film Comment Jan/Feb 2004; interview conducted in 1992 by Grover Lewis

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