Pic of the Day: “Peeper” revisited

Today we take another look at Peeper (1976), the enjoyable homage to 1940s detective flicks directed by Peter Hyams. Timothy and the great Don Calfa are being constantly stymied in their pursuit of Michael Caine and Natalie Wood.

When I interviewed him last summer, Calfa related how Tim managed to get himself fired from this film as well, and a double had to be used for certain long shots. That’s our Tim!

2 responses to “Pic of the Day: “Peeper” revisited

  1. Hey, Marisa, I remember seeing PEEPER in the movies as a youngster! Along with our man Tim, I remember the pre-FOUL PLAY Don Calfa, and of course stars Natalie Wood and Team Bartilucci fave Michael Caine! Carey may have been a prickly pear at times, but hey, that’s why we like him! 🙂


    • Heck yes, Dorian! We wouldn’t have him any other way! This is a pretty cute film. Calfa also told me about when he first met Liam Dunn, who’s also in it. He was sitting on the steps smoking a joint. He said, “Hello, I’m Liam Dunn. I’ve got about 20 minutes left!” And sadly, he did end up passing away shortly after this film was completed.


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