Quote of the Week

This week’s quote is yet another that is not by Timothy, but about him:

I had just finished photographing a movie for Timothy Carey called Frenzy, which was later released as The World’s Greatest Sinner. Timothy Carey was in Stanley Kubrick‘s The Killing; he’s the guy who shoots the horse at the race track. And in Paths of Glory he was one of the 3 guys they executed; he played the big guy who smashed cockroaches on a table or something – great scene. Anyway, he met me in New York, then gave me a call and asked if I’d like to shoot a film for him. I laughed (because I had just seen his movie) and said, ‘Well, you’re too big for me to talk back to.’ I mean, he was a monster. I said, ‘What if you don’t like what I say – you’ll crush me like that cockroach.’ He said, ‘You’re right!’… Tim and I got along real well because I was a rebel and he liked that. He and James Dean used to pal around a lot, too. He said James Dean wasn’t from this planet anyway and just got called back early!

Ray Dennis Steckler, interviewed by Boyd Rice in Re/Search #10: Incredibly Strange Films (V/Search Publications, 1986

4 responses to “Quote of the Week

    • Thanks Mike! Apparently Steckler ended up living in Tim’s garage for a while during shooting. He also said that once when he was in a closet changing the film in the camera, Tim opened the door, threw in the big snake that appears in the film, and closed the door really fast! Tim later denied it, or at least what he said was, “Well, that’s what he says.” LOL


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