Pic of the Day: “Ain’t We Got Fun” revisited

Let’s start off the week with another look at “Ain’t We Got Fun,” the episode of The Untouchables that first aired on November 12, 1959. Tim is uncredited as Loxie, the grinning pyromaniac torpedo of bootlegger Big Jim Harrington (Ted de Corsia).

Ain't We Got Fun - 1959

Today’s pic is from the strange, surreal sequence at the end of the episode in which Loxie and Harrington torment comic Johnny Paycheck (Cameron Mitchell), who unfortunately does not tell them to take this job and shove it. It’s definitely one of the most off-beat things ever seen on television in the late 1950’s.

2 responses to “Pic of the Day: “Ain’t We Got Fun” revisited

    • Yep. He must have pissed off somebody pretty bad. His brother George said in an interview that that was a frequent mode of retaliation against Tim for doing things his way and not theirs. So silly!


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