Video of the Week: “The Killing” (in Italian!)

As today is the anniversary of the death of Stanley Kubrick in 1999, I wanted today’s post to be a reflection of Timothy’s work with him. And, it’s a little bit different too. Here is Tim’s pivotal scene in The Killing (1956), co-starring the great James Edwards – dubbed into Italian!

I’m sure Timothy, being half-Italian himself, would have gotten a kick out of this. Enjoy, and go watch some Kubrick today (in whatever your native language happens to be!).

2 responses to “Video of the Week: “The Killing” (in Italian!)

    • I know right? Pretty sexy. They at least could have tried to make him sound a bit more menacing. I wonder what the actual translation of the line where, in English, he calls the attendant the “n” word is…


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