Video of the Week: “Big Jessie”

EDITOR’S NOTE 03/27/14: Another one removed for copyright infringement. Sorry about that, folks!

Our video for this week is the pre-credits sequence from “Big Jessie,” the episode of the Western series Cimarron Strip that first aired on February 8, 1968. Timothy and Donnelly Rhodes are a pair of outlaws on the run who are about to make life miserable for Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman).

Rhodes, born and raised in Winnipeg, has been a Canadian and American television stalwart since the late 1950s. His most notable recent performance is probably that of Dr. Cottle in the Battlestar Galactica reboot.

2 responses to “Video of the Week: “Big Jessie”

  1. Big Jessie is my favorite episode of Cimarron Strip, and not only because of Timothy Carey. It has an exceptionally well-written script (by Daniel Mainwaring) and a great performance by Mariette Hartley.


    • I was delighted to discover Ms. Hartley plays the title role! I wasn’t familiar with this series at all until I discovered this episode. It really should have gotten more recognition than it did, I think.


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