Davy Jones 1945 – 2012

I was crushed to learn of the death earlier today of Davy Jones of The Monkees. He died of a heart attack at age 66. I thought I would honor him by posting this video again.

We can’t see this video too many times, frankly. Davy takes a humongous slice of my childhood with him. Rest well, Mr. Jones.

2 responses to “Davy Jones 1945 – 2012

  1. Marisa, I think both Timothy Carey and Davy Jones would have appreciated your salute to the late, great Davy Jones by way of The Monkees’ HEAD, a mad little film that I think discerning eccentrics (like my hubby and I) would enjoy much more in today’s climate. Ah, Davy, we hardly knew ye. Nice post!


    • Thank you, Dorian! HEAD just gets better and weirder as time goes on. I know we all gotta go sometime, but it seems much too soon for Davy, as it did for Tim as well (he was 65 when he passed in 1994). Sigh.


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