Quote of the Week

“You really can’t describe the picture. I read the script and actually it’s the most bizarre film story I ever read before. Each page is another movie. It’s quite unique. I’ve never really been involved, I’ve worked in films before but never any quite as unique as this one. It’s a very hard film to describe. People say, ‘Well go ahead and see the film, you’ll find out.’ This is usually a promotional stunt or something. But in this picture I played about four different characters. And I didn’t know what I was doing most of the time. These Monkees, you know, to be honest, they’re not the most disciplined actors. I remember Davy had to get a hair cut right in the middle of the scene. (laughs) And three of the other actors, they had to walk someplace on top of the roofs to get inspired, they’d lost the feel of it. They just walked off and they came back about an hour later, much to the dismay of the assistant director who couldn’t quite grasp it. They had to replace four assistant directors; they broke down, they just couldn’t take anymore because of the Monkees’ antics and carrying on. I mean it was just impossible sometimes, but of course this is the Monkees and this is what makes their talent so unique and so great. It was strictly a picture for the Monkees. I’m sure their fans all over the world will really love this show, you know, because it’s so outstanding. It makes Tiny Tim look like a Sunday school teacher.”

– Promotional radio interview for Head with Dick Strout for The Hollywood Report, 1968

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