Pic of the Day: “Gypsy Traders” revisited

The Pic of the Day for your Monday takes another look at the Cowboy G-Men episode “Gypsy Traders,” first airing on February 28, 1953. Timothy and his fellow Gypsies, including Charlita and X Brands, are skeptical of the motives of federal crimebuster Pat Gallagher (Russell Hayden).

Gypsy Traders

X Brands was a familiar face in Westerns, both on television (including two more Cowboy G-Men episodes with Tim) and in theaters, throughout the 1950s and 1960s. He often portrayed Native Americans, although he was not one in real life. However, according to his granddaughter, he was so convincing in his portrayals that he was honored by several Native American tribes. She also states that he was born Jay X Brands, but dropped the “Jay” after his father died and became legally known as X. This was a tradition that the oldest son in the family had carried out for generations.

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