Quote of the Week

HARRY: Hey! I’ll get there… won’t I?

AL (smiling): Yes, I guess you will.

HARRY (grabbing Al’s arm): That’s my buddy… can I do anything for you?… now, do you need help?

AL: The police station is around here, isn’t it?

HARRY (taken aback): The police… you got troubles… But I like you… I’ll give you a rundown of the whole place. Over there… (he points)… you see… that’s Uncle Sam’s place… And here… (he points to the Hall of Justice)… that’s where I have to go in ten minutes… (he hiccups twice)… And if somebody says you weren’t born… (he waves his hand toward the Hall of Records) that’s where you go to prove it… Across the street is the police station, that’s where you have to go… but I’m not going with you…  (He hiccups once more.)

AL (laughing, and tapping him on the shoulder): Thanks!

HARRY: That’s all right, brother — I don’t know where you came from or where you’re going, but good luck.

Al begins to cross the street.

HARRY (to nobody in particular): But I got a case in ten minutes.

— from AL, an original screenplay by Timothy Carey

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