Quote of the Week AND Pic of the Day: “Finger Man” revisited

I’m a day behind on our quote for the week, so today you get that and our pic for today, which ties in with the quote. See what I did there?

“Another time I did a show called Finger Man with Frank Lovejoy. They needed some publicity for the show, so I went to the Santa Monica Pier and I was going to be thrown in the water in a trunk in front of the press, but the box was supposed to open up so I wouldn’t drown. But the newsmen wanted to lock it. So I went in but I didn’t lock it and the police came to arrest me. Then the producer John Burrows came and he helped me out. You know, I was always a hound for publicity.”

Psychotronic Video magazine #6, Summer 1990; interview by Michael Murphy and Johnny Legend, research by Michael J. Weldon

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