New addition to Tim’s filmography!

A special treat for the last day of the year! Today’s guest blogger is my awesome husband Byron Caloz. He has a keen interest in lost and/or previously undiscovered films and TV shows. He recently made an exciting discovery and wants to share it with you. Take it away, Byron!

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A new addition is now confirmed for Timothy Carey’s filmography/videography: Two episodes in the first broadcast season of Gang Busters! Alas, most of the episodes from the first season are not on DVD. They were filmed so it is possible they exist somewhere, but at least we know which episodes are his (we had heard from Romeo Carey, Tim’s son, that Tim had told him he was on Gang Busters).

Tim Carey appeared as the character Legenza in “The Tri-State Gang” which was broadcast as part 1 on  November 9, 1952 on NBC, and then part 2 on Nov. 27, 1952 (Gang Busters was broadcast at the same time and day but on alternate weeks with the original Dragnet television series). Interestingly, the two part episode was not filmed as all one production and then split, but rather was filmed as two separate productions, part 2 first as production 12, then part 1 as production 15; both directed by George Habib.

This information came from the superbly researched book by Martin Grams, Jr. titled Gang Busters: The Crime Fighters of American Broadcasting. While the cast list is available, there is no plot summation, but Legenza is clearly the gang leader and the F.B.I. investigator on his tail is Agent Hibbs, played by Larry Dobkin.

Here is the original plot which was first used for the radio on Sept. 14, 1935 for the pre-cursor series to Gang Busters: G-Men. Walter Legenza and Robert Mais shot their way to freedom while being transported from a jail to see their attorney. They shot two guards and a police officer and the police officer died. Later the two with their gang robbed a bank but police caught up with them and soon captured them.

* * * * * *

On that note, all of us here at The Timothy Carey Experience (that is, Byron and myself) wish all of you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! Here’s hoping you tackle whatever problems come your way with the same sense of triumph and love of life that Timothy displays in this promotional shot from Fast-Walking (1982). For Auld Lang Syne, everybody!

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